modern LPR Parking management system 

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We know the daily operations, because we have Created them for decades.

With scalable systems from DESIGNA, parking operators have been benefiting from the technological and economic advantages of our modern parking management system for decades. Building on this, the modern DESIGNA Ticketless Solution is an efficient parking management system based on license plate recognition, that enhances the parking customer experience while optimizing your investment and operating costs. 

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Camera technologY
The highest rate oF license plate recognition is our mission.

The highest quality implied by the phrase "German Engineering" defines our parking technology benchmark. With the DESIGNA Ticketless Solution, we also rely on a reliable and practice-oriented concept in the integration of the license plate recognition cameras used. The license plate recognition software developed by DESIGNA has proven itself with recognition rates of over 99%, both in front-only operation and in combined front/rear operation.

This means that low-interference operation can be guaranteed. From the secure identification of the parking customer via license plate to convenient payment options and the subsequent exit, DESIGNA stands for a convenient and reliable solution.

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Application areas
The degree of scaling is determined by the operator.

Based on automatic license plate recognition (lpr), which is consistently oriented to the requirements of the customers as well as the specific applications on site, DESIGNA has solutions for parking operators worldwide. Whether for a single parking garage or central metropolitan airport, the DESIGNA Ticketless Solution is designed to be variable - even as a partially or fully gated system. Whether as a hybrid solution with barcode/QR receipts or as a pure ticketless system, the solution can be adapted for many types of use from long-term to short-term parking. 

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Operating cost optimization
Less is more – INCREASE your profitability.

DESIGNA Ticketless technology is a smart and cost-saving solution that will increase your profitability. Using the license plate for identification eliminates the need to issue and process tickets. This means that the number and type of issuing and reading devices can be reduced. This reduces both the up-front investment amount and ongoing costs of maintenance and consumables. 

Thanks to the more than 17,500 installations for which DESIGNA has been responsible worldwide to date, we can guarantee smooth operation even during modernization, and even for sophisticated parking management systems - another DESIGNA sales advantage for parking lot operators.


Stay up-to-date.

Whether it's a scalable or multifunctional parking system - you can experience DESIGNA's global technology leadership when it comes to central control. By means of an intelligent platform and software that covers all usage scenarios, including license plate recognition, reacts and informs as required. And here too, our well-known high standards apply: all DESIGNA platform solutions are both scalable and adaptable. And therefore also future-proof.

Welcome to efficiency, convenience and reliability in the pioneering world of modern parking management. Welcome to DESIGNA.