Case Study: Ticketless parking solution in bad kreuznach, Germany

As part of a pilot project, the municipal utlities in Bad Kreuznach, Germany, has been offering ticketless parking in its parking lot at a sports hall since December 2020. This concept was implemented by DESIGNA using LPR (license plate recognition) with the help of special cameras. 

How does the ticketless parking process work?

  • The parking customer approaches the barrier with his vehicle. There, the license plate number is optically recorded, digitized with an almost 100 percent recognition rate and stored in a database together with other data such as the time of entry. The barrier opens and the customer drives in. 

  • Before leaving the car park, the parking customer first proceeds to one of the automatic pay stations. After entering the license plate number, the parking duration and thus the parking fee is calculated on the basis of the applicable tariff. Payment is then made, in this installation in cash or by credit card. The information about the payment is also attached to the license plate number in the database.

  • When the parking customer approaches the exit, the license plate is scanned again. The license plate information is compared with the database with regard to a payment. If payment is made and the customer is within the grace period, the barrier is opened and the customer can leave the car park. 

How does the CLIENT assess the project?

Ticketless parking is a pioneering step for us as the Kreuznach municipal utility group in the context of digitalization. Thanks to license plate recognition at the entrance and exit of our Jahnhalle parking lot, downtown Bad Kreuznach is increasingly becoming a smart city - in line with our mission statement "We make mobility simple".

We see great potential in this innovative project for future parking concepts as a timely offer for users. With the help of this technology, we can reduce maintenance costs and the use of consumables in the long term. Due to the novel parking system and the new experiences associated with it, we have additionally installed barriers at the entrance and exit as well as intercoms on site in coordination with our service provider DESIGNA. This is very important to us, to offer our customers this service of personal contact.

DESIGNA has also supported us with data processing, so that we can offer the system in a secure and audited manner in terms of data protection. We are very confident that this system will become established in Bad Kreuznach and that the pilot project can serve as a recommendation for other cities.

Stephan Butzbach Parking Coordinator - Gesellschaft für Beteiligungen und Parken in Bad Kreuznach mbH

Profilbild Stephan Butzbach-1


The solution at the Jahnhalle in Bad Kreuznach, Germany represents only one possible implementation approach. Variants could include the following aspects: 
  • Integration of a digital display to show the recognized license plate number
  • Digital payment after prior registration with license plate number
  • Use of a Bluetooth connection from a smartphone instead of or in addition to license plate recognition
  • Dynamic pricing model
  • Matching with a season parking list, which completely eliminates the need for short-term parking payments
  • No barriers for a completely smooth parking experience
  • etc.

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