A new parking experience for your  customers


Ticketless benefits For ALL .

Our increasingly convenience-oriented society does not want to lower its sights when it comes to parking. At the same time, the recently added value offered by ticketless parking is becoming the new benchmark for customer satisfaction. With DESIGNA's Ticketless Solution, parking operators are responding to the demands of their market and increasing customer satisfaction to the highest possible level by simplifying parking processes.

The future of parking has arrived.

From the moment you drive in, using a licence plate as the unique parking medium opens the barrier/s to a new form of parking.

Front-and-rear licence plate recognition automatically generates a "virtual parking ticket," which requires nothing more from guests than a smile or an astonished glance. This is because the barrier opens immediately, as if by an invisible hand, without any interaction on their part, clearing the way for the rest of the relaxed parking process.

No more “I can’t reach the Ticket machine”

The customer benefits of ticketless are also illustrated by many a conventional car park: stopping at too great a distance from the ticket machine/terminal is a nuisance. This all-too-familiar situation leads to unnecessary stress and wasted time for everyone involved. Ticket and paper-free parking with DESIGNA means: no pushing, no pulling, no unbuckling, no misplacing and no unnecessary hassle for both customers and operators.

Unlimited satisfaction on all sides.

Particularly at peak times, a rapid flow of approaching vehicles is of fundamental importance for road traffic and also for car park operations. As waiting times and backlogs are noticeably reduced, customer satisfaction increases with the car park. As the exit also benefits from the new ticketless system, business flows more or less automatically. Incidentally, a Ticketless Solution from DESIGNA also simplifies customer-relevant applications such as long-term parking management or, for example, pre-booking.


Because paying in particular pays off for the operator.

The other advantages of a Ticketless Solution are clear: it protects customers from disadvantages caused by ticket loss or damaged ticket.

It also pays off in practice with trend-setting and convenient payment options. On-site at the pay station or mobile via the DESIGNA Mobile Payment Solution. Where customers have a choice, ticketless customer satisfaction grows.

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