A story of success

DESIGNA India Start-up: exploration of a new market 

The DESIGNA success story in India started last year with the foundation of DESIGNA India – a DESIGNA start-up in a highly prospering country. Thanks to a great team and reliable parking management Solutions, DESIGNA has been able to win more and more tenders in India, e.g. to provide a complete parking management solution at Como Plaza, Paryag Raj and Chandigarh Airport. The majority of payment in India for parking facilities takes place at the exit. DESIGNAs parking solution with software-enabled features like pre-booking, mobile payment, C&P and PayTM payment really have made an innovative difference. Even more features such as long-range RFID and integrated LPR functionality have been used in recent DESIGNA parking management solutions. Now, after nine months DESIGNA of India, customers are very satisfied with our service and performance. We are curious and want to know what`s to come.


Despite a well-suited reference table of DESIGNA projects around the globe, for a start-up not having a reference in India is always a hindrance. The team also manages to provide short project lead times by building up stock for Projects with typical configuration.

Traditional parking systems in India utilize  payment at exit through a manual pay station. Manual operation is also more prevalent in smaller cities with lower wages. This is quite different to the European market, where payment is carried out at a centralized cash Station before the customer gets back in the car to leave the premises.

But, also in India, the parking management industry is changing somewhat. This is especially the case for tier 1 cities and large parking premises, e.g. at airports. At the same time, the Indian government is promoting a digital payment option under which payment Service providers are playing an increasing role in parking payment through Credit Card, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PayTM and BT Mobiquick.

Due to the convincing reference cases and reputation of DESIGNA worldwide, as well as the parking management solution`s look and Features, DESIGNA India has already been able to win some impressive projects. Additionally, a recently won big tender is very satisfied with the performance and guidance to incorporate features that enhance operational performance and help manage business more profitably.

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