Ticketless Technology


it is always the customer who decides whether technology pays off.

Ticketless technology makes it possible for operators to reduce consumables to a minimum and completely eliminate all maintenance and servicing work, especially with regard to ticket processing. In addition, the technology sets the tone for digitization. This makes "Smart City" possible, bringing more convenience to the customer because it simplifies and accelerates processes.


From Full-Gated to Zero-Gated.

The DESIGNA Ticketless Solution is designed as a parking technology that can be upgraded to semi-gated or zero-gated in later stages. This means full flexibility for the parking management system. For example, only one barrier with or without lane devices can remain at the exit - but be omitted at the entrance. The cameras take over the recognition work. Operation without an entry and exit barrier is also possible*, but then has higher requirements in the tracking of correct payment. This allows parking traffic to flow even more freely.

Your customers pay how they want.

With its automatic pay stations, DESIGNA has been offering high-quality, sophisticated payment systems for years - from cashless payment to full equipment with banknotes and coins. With Pay-by-Plate, the customer can determine the amount for his parking stay by entering his license plate number. Especially the Ticketless-Solution enables the comfortable addition for the simple payment by credit card at the exit lane device - or the possibilities of electronic payment. Thus, the customer can conveniently pay in advance, shortly before the exit or even afterwards. The pre-booking software module enables convenient reservation and payment in advance. The DESIGNA Mobile Ticket application allows digital payment shortly before the exit or even afterwards as Post Payment*.

Two helpful daemons. Reliable modules for acquisition quality.

A so-called DCC daemon and PEW daemon are used to operate cameras within a DESIGNA ticketless solution. These daemons are configured with their own graphical user interface. The DCC daemon controls the individual cameras, regardless of where they are placed in the lane. A ticketless terminal can control and use each single camera. The PEW daemon of the within the DESIGNA Camera Control system combines several cameras, e.g. front and rear camera and determines via a configurable algorithm. All images that are generated for an entry event are stored on the server. In order for a live stream to be displayed, the DCC (PEW) deamon provides the appropriate video URL for each vendor to the ticketless terminal.

Prepaired for a fallback option.

If you are looking for more security in parking operations, you can operate the DESIGNA Ticketless Solution as a hybrid installation: in other words, the parking customer can have a barcode receipt issued at the entry terminal. This provides a convenient security solution if a license plate is not of the required quality due to soiling, temporary covering or damage, or if detection is not possible in the specific situation. Thus, if the recognition accuracy of the ticketless system falls below an adjustable threshold value, there is no longer automatic entry via the license plate - instead, the system switches to hybrid mode. With the barcode issued, the parking customer can pay at the cash desk and accordingly leave the parking area at the exit by presenting the barcode at the exit terminal.

No compromises, not even with license plate recognition..

Legislators have attached importance to the protection of personal data. When the system is delivered, the settings for saving, anonymizing and deleting are set up in compliance by a DESIGNA service technician. According to the set times, the data in the database will be deleted, as this may not be stored indefinitely without reason. Signs in front of and in the entrance area, including the name of the data protection officer, are recommended for customer information. Also a reference to the implementation of data protection at the checkout - for example for a QR code is useful.

(Ticketless in only available in selected countries, please check availability with your local sales representative.)

*Expected to be available from fall 2020.